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Your business is one of a kind.


You know your brand can inspire and change people’s lives.

But how do you communicate your passion, determination and values?  You don’t want to sound like a black-and-gold brand or be seen as a carbon copy of an existing product.

Your brand needs personality.

Developing your brand personality and tone of voice is a journey of discovery into the heart and soul of your brand. You have the unique opportunity to communicate what’s important to you. You share your brand story and personality through your website, email correspondence and every other marketing channel.


Brand governs WHAT you say.

Tone governs HOW you say it.



Here are five benefits of having a distinct brand tone of voice:


1. Personality Plus

You get to decide whether your brand is full-blown Aussie and laid-back or you’re an innovative brand that wants to be seen as an expert and thought leader.

There are no hard-and-fast rules.

You get to run with your ideas to create the brand that’s an extension of who you are.




Check out the copy for an online course in an Aussie tone of voice:

“Are you ready to jump in, boots and all? We’ll be with you, every step of the way.

When you sign up for our course, we’ll make sure you squeeze out every inch of goodness.”



2. Values Galore

Many business owners share their personal journey with me. Their business is more than just a product or a service.

They have a compelling reason to market their brand.

Their desire is to communicate the back story, their ‘why’ − their reason for existing.

When you work with me to develop your brand’s tone of voice, you’ll have the opportunity to talk at length about the reasons why you chose to start your business.

What inspired you?

Why do you keep going even when the going gets tough?

It’s about discovering your underlying motives.




The following brand aiming to support stepfamilies wants to highlight transparency and honesty:


“We’ve been there. We’ve trudged through the mud and wondered if we’d make it to the other end.

We did but it wasn’t easy, and we learned a lot of hard lessons along the way.

We decided to share our experiences to talk about the stuff that really matters.”



3. Word Magic

Words are powerful.

A single word can change the meaning of a sentence. The type of words you use tell the customer what your brand is about.

Do you use (technical) jargon?

Or do you prefer easy-to-understand language?

Thinking about the words that reflect your brand personality is extremely important. It’s equally important to figure out the language you don’t want to use.

Consistency throughout your marketing channels is essential so your customers get the same picture regardless of what they read, and where.




An innovative brand in the Software as a Software industry chose the following words:





They avoid these words:







4. Unique Selling Points (UPSs)

What makes you different from everybody else out there?

Why should customers buy your product?

Answering these questions is crucial to stand out from the crowd.

Put simply, USPs form the pillars of your brand. They describe what you do and underpin all your communications. The result is messaging that’s clear, consistent and always highlights your core strengths.

Many business owners struggle to condense their unique selling point into one or two sentences. Sometimes it’s easier to figure out what you don’t offer or stand for. Why not ask a family member or good friend to tell you what they think you do? This can often be a helpful starting point.




A company in the HR space developed the following USP:

We are passionate about working with small business on all things HR and helping people make changes in their career.

Successful business Asana words it like this:

We help humanity thrive by enabling all teams to work together effortlessly .



5. Total Trust

Customers choose brands they trust. They look for authenticity and a brand that’s real and genuine. Today’s consumer desires connection.

Gone are the days when customers would buy from a brand they barely know. The more they understand what a brand is about and what it stands for, the more likely they will become loyal clients.

Developing your tone of voice is paramount to create trust. Customers need to hear and read the same core messages, no matter where they come across your product or service. They will know instinctively your purpose for existing and will most likely align themselves with your values.

Trust is a powerful tool, not to be underestimated. Trust is an emotion that fuels our decision making. It is synonymous with integrity and honesty.

The most important thing you can for your business is to stay true to your promises. Brands that win over our trust will be around for the long haul.



Cadbury Chocolate is Australia’s number one confectionery brand. In fact, Cadbury Chocolate has been voted most trusted confectionery brand in 14 of the last 15 years in the Reader’s Digest trusted brand survey.



Over to you

Where are you at with developing your brand tone of voice? Have you figured out your brand personality?

Taking the time to delve into the heart of your business always pays off in the long run. Brands that have a well-defined message that’s consistent across all marketing channels will gain customer trust.


Want some help?

Maybe you prefer a professional to help you drill down into your brand personality and tone of voice. I’ve worked with countless businesses across a variety of industries to discover and express their brand tone of voice.

Why not check out my Tone of Voice service to get an idea of who I’ve worked with, what’s included in my Tone of Voice package and how much it costs?

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