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Develop your brand personality to build trust
Tone Of Voice Copywriting

Bold branding

As a business owner, one of your greatest challenges is to stand out from your competitors

There’s so much noise out there as companies compete for attention.

What makes your brand different? Y-O-U

Your brand has a life of its own. You created it. You believe in it.

Customers want to connect with the person behind the brand. 

Creating a personal connection in our increasingly disconnected world makes all the difference.

Ready to delve into the heart and soul of your brand?

89% of shoppers stay loyal to brands that share their values.

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Personality plus

Branding is so much more than your logo and company colours.

It’s about the words you choose and the values you communicate through all your marketing channels.

People connect with brands that have personality.

Personality  breathes life into your brand and builds trust. 

Here’s my question: have you prioritised developing your branding personality and tone of voice?

Or is it time to call in a professional tone of voice copywriter?

What can professional tone of voice development  do for your brand?

Build customer trust

Strengthen your brand

create emotional connection

showcase your brand values

Tone of voice examples

What does your brand sound like?

In this qualitative study, conclusions were drawn from the analysis of semi-structured interviews with small business owners regarding the use of tone of voice in printed and digital marketing strategies. A list of recommendations will be developed and published at the end of this year. 

Current marketing trends show the importance of a well-developed tone of voice for increased client engagement and improved conversion rates. Investing in tone of voice development has proven successful for businesses in a variety of industries. 

Why not talk to your clients the way you chat with your best friend? You know, simply tell them why your stuff is the best on the planet. Because it is.   

Developing a heartfelt connection with those who love your brand is what matters. Openness, honesty and transparency will help your customers trust you and your business. 

You know you need to develop your brand tone of voice. Competition is fierce causing your brand to drown in a sea of sameness. It’s time to take action. The time is now.  

You’re like a bull at a gate when it comes to getting your act together. Tone of voice? All sorted.  

Articulating your company’s tone of voice requires in-depth competitor research followed by a 10-step analytical process to evaluate the results. Brand marketing strategy incorporates the formulation of a business mission statement in conjunction with a detailed vision description.

Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.

Jeff Bezos, Founder Amazon

Happy Tone of Voice clients

Claudia was recommended to me by someone I trust, and from our first discussion, I felt like Claudia understood me and what I was trying to achieve.

Her guidance and expertise were invaluable, helping me to shape and polish the message for my HR business. The process was effortless, and I am more than happy with the results.

Carli Saw

Director, Strawberry Seed Consulting

“I needed a large amount of copy done for a new website and a more defined brand tone of voice for a new product launch with a very tight deadline.

Claudia quickly understood the essence of our high-tech business and developed a comprehensive Tone of Voice/Branding Guide along with customer-focusssed, SEO-friendly copy.

Amanda Mariatti

Marketing Manager, idSafe

“We engaged Claudia to develop Innovior’s tone of voice and create SEO-friendly copy for our newe website. She did an excellent job of understanding our company’s values and personality, which resulted in customer-focussed, engaging content. 

Claudia is a talented copywriter who takes the time to get to know your business and whose words transform any marketing collateral.

I highly recommend her services to anyone wanting to work with a switched-on copywriter who excels at what she does.”

Tim Ryan

Partner, Innovior

Claudia’s approach is highly professional, incorporating a thorough brief, detailed proposal, transparency regarding cost and an in-depth branding consultation.

She took the time to understand my brand and my new business direction as an author, ensuring she fully grasped my vision, target audience, principles and personality to create a comprehensive Tone of Voice Guide.

Claudia is very reliable, compassionate, friendly and punctual.  She calls at the agreed time, sticks to deadlines and she replies to emails in a timely manner.

Heidi Yi

Founder and Director, Heidi Yi

Tone of Voice Packages

Tone of Voice or Brand Guidelines

A fully customised brand guide

Branding Basics


30-minute Branding Consultation, your USP, 3 brand values and 3 brand personality traits.

Branding Plus


One-hour Branding Consultation, your USP, 3 brand values and 3 brand personality traits, plus review of 3 competitors and 2 customer avatars.

Premium Branding Package


One-hour Branding Consultation, your USP, 3 brand values, 3 brand personality traits, review of 3 competitors, 3 customer avatars plus your vision and big idea, on-brand sample copy, web writing tips and writing checklist.

Develop my brand tone of voice


A catchy slogan for your brand



30-minute Tagline Brainstorming Session, review of 10 competitor taglines and 10 new tagline suggestions 

Add Tagline to Tone of Voice package


Craft a compelling tagline

I’m a brand marketing strategist who works with

Small business owners

Marketing managers


Hi, I’m Claudia.

Wanna know my secret?

I’m no black-and-gold brand copywriter.

On the contrary, I’m a creative marketing copywriter who has an amazing way with words.

I take your business to create a memorable brand people can relate to and connect with.

I work with big corporates, small businesses and charities to create extraordinary brands.

Never settle for black-and-gold when premium is just around the corner.

Why pick me as your branding copywriter?


12+ years


Fast turnaround



Quality content


People focus

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