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Tone of Voice Guide

A Tone of Voice Guide determines who you are.

Your brand is underpinned by values and principles.

Your business has a unique tone of voice that shines through.

It’s important to discover what you sound like.

Your marketing depends upon it.

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Claudia Bouma when creating my Tone of Voice Guide. Claudia was extremely professional, efficient and effective and delivered a high-end copy product.

I highly recommend Claudia and I personally look forward to working with her again soon.” 

Danny Vorhauer

CEO, Danny Vorhauer

“Claudia was recommended to me by Kate Toon, an industry expert who’s worked with her on multiple projects.  Claudia and I haven’t met in person but I feel like I know her as we’ve built rapport through phone calls and email.

Her approach is highly professional, incorporating a thorough brief, detailed proposal, transparency regarding cost and an in-depth branding consultation. Claudia took the time to understand my brand and my new business direction as an author, ensuring she fully grasped my vision, target audience, principles and personality to create a comprehensive Tone of Voice Guide.

Claudia is very reliable, compassionate, friendly and punctual.  She calls at the agreed time, sticks to deadlines and she replies to emails in a timely manner.

I highly recommend her services as I have been recommended to her by others who highly value her work and commitment.”

Heidi Yi

Founder and Director, Heidi Yi

“Claudia fulfilled a number of copywriting briefs for our small business. She produced a Tone of Voice Guide, brochure copy, website homepage copy and website product descriptions.

We were extremely happy with her service and final content. Great communication, fast turnaround, and quality writing.”

Rachael Zekanovic

Co-Owner, Playpack

Yes, I need a Tone of Voice Guide

Claudia Bouma

Wanna know my secret?

I’m no ordinary copywriter.

In fact, I’m a think-outside-the-box copywriter who has an amazing way with words.

I take your business ideas and transform them into copy that engages, compels and sells.

How cool is that?