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Let happy clients tell you their story

Business success is a team effort. This is what success looks like: 

I chose to work with Claudia because she came highly recommended from a friend of mine who used her services for a similar purpose. 

We were starting a brand new consultancy and Claudia helped write content for our website, LinkedIn profiles, brochures and elevator pitches. She also worked with our website/brand designer to integrate the copy with our brand messaging. 

Claudia provided us with great advice and coaching to develop our writing styles to help us find that good balance between being both conversational & professional.

I would recommend Claudia to those who are creating brand new copy or who need to refresh their existing content, especially when you need to cut through the corporate speak so that your message resonates with your customers.”

Ross Latta

Founder & Director, MacroFin UK

“I was looking for a copywriter to help me bring my Linkedin profile up to date. It needed to strike a balance between my professional career and new work/life focus, and I approached Claudia to assist me. 

Not only was she lovely and easy to work with, she was extremely professional, efficient and understood the brief really well, delivering copy I am very happy with,

I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

Jennifer Sjolund

Marketing Consultant, Jennifer Sjolund

“I engaged Claudia to put together an urgent press release for my company PriceMyCar. Considered the brief over the phone, followed up with a comprehensive Zoom meeting and then carefully crafted a punchy document that captured exactly what I was looking for.

She took her time to get a thorough understanding of the company and what we wanted to get out of it and then exceeded both deadlines and expectations!

Looking forward to the next one.”

David Lye

Founder & Director, PriceMyCar

“I was looking for a copywriter to help me finally get the copy on my website updated to reflect the changes in my growing business that I never found the time to do.

Claudia was recommended to me by someone I trust, and from our first discussion, I felt like Claudia understood me and what I was trying to achieve. Her guidance and expertise were invaluable, helping me to shape and polish the message for my HR business. The process was effortless, and I am more than happy with the results.

I would highly recommend Claudia to any business owner that is looking for a professional to translate their thoughts into words.”

Carli Saw

Founder and Director, Strawberry Seed Consulting

“From the beginning it was clear that I had made the right choice in engaging Claudia Bouma as copywriter for the major writing task of revamping and relaunching our website. 

Claudia was exceptional in her delivery. We were after something with a difference and we got it!

I was searching for someone who was in touch with our market and understood the need to connect with people. Claudia was open to feedback, kept in touch throughout the process and really listened  to our needs from the beginning. A good partnership all round!

I can’t wait until the next project – Claudia certainly does have a ‘way with words’.”

Paul Skippen

Director, LRP

“I came across Claudia as she was the first search result in Google when I was searching for a flyer copywriter, and then chose her based on her many testimonials and reasonable pricing. 

Claudia wrote the copy for a flyer I’m creating to advertise my label review service to skincare brand owners. I had an idea of what I wanted to say, but didn’t know how to best word it. 

Claudia helped craft the right amount of compelling sales copy I needed. She really took the time to understand my business and the brief – I would happily recommend her to others.”

Jennifer Rudd

Founder, Skincare Business Foundations

“I once again had the good fortune to work with Claudia on the tagline and tone of voice project for my business. Another positive and very worthwhile experience.

Claudia definitely has ‘a way with words’. The tone of voice project will be a long-lasting resource for the business and will provide a great basis for advertising, marketing and leading our future direction.

I thoroughly enjoyed the tagline process. It opened up so many avenues for the business moving forward. Thanks, Claudia!

Look forward to future opportunities to work together and I can only but recommend you highly.”

Paul Skippen

Director, LRP

“I chose to work with Claudia to create a powerful sales page for my memorial jewellery website.

Having used various copywriters, I wanted to find a professional who fully understands my brand to write customer-focused copy in my tone of voice.

During a one-hour online consultation, Claudia took the time to get to know me and my business by asking all the right questions. Moreover, she prompted me to think outside the box to help me develop my product further.

Claudia did an exceptional job, with outstanding attention to detail and finished within the promised time frame. 

Thank you again, Claudia, for your expert guidance with this important project.”

Anja Letz

Creative Director, Immeryours

“We engaged Claudia to develop Innovior’s tone of voice and create SEO-friendly copy for our new website. She did an excellent job of understanding our company’s values and personality, which resulted in customer-focussed, engaging content.

She also interviewed three business partners to write five case studies, effectively condensing our process and benefits while highlighting our core strengths.

Claudia is a talented copywriter who takes the time to get to know your business and whose words transform any marketing collateral.

I highly recommend her services to anyone wanting to work with a switched-on copywriter who excels at what she does.”

Tim Ryan

Partner, Innovior

“I needed a large amount of copy done for a new website and a more defined brand tone of voice for a new product launch with a very tight deadline.

Claudia quickly understood the essence of our high-tech business and developed a comprehensive Tone of Voice Branding/Guide along with customer-focussed, SEO-friendly copy.

I am really pleased with the results and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Claudia services to anyone who requires any copywriting for their business.”

Amanda Mariatta

Marketing Manager, idSafe

We engaged Claudia to review and provide recommendations for a corporate profile and were extremely satisfied with her response. The work she delivered back was fantastic and the process to get there was hassle-free.

Claudia is quick to respond and goes above and beyond.

We’ll continue to use Claudia for all our copywriting needs.”

Dan Rowell

Director & Brand Strategist, DSR Branding

I’d been “between gigs” for a couple of years, having taken a gap year after leaving the company I’d been with for many years. I knew my experience and skill-set were great; I also knew I needed to do something different to stand out from the crowd. I struggled to reflect this in a succinct, unique CV and cover letter. That’s where Claudia came in! 

Claudia’s questions & research process were very pertinent, resulting in copy that is completely on point. She’s very open & easy to work with and our process was highly collaborative. She had no hesitation in getting creative; the result is a CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile that I could never have written as well on my own and which has made my life infinitely easier.
The very second I updated my LinkedIn, the pop-up read, “All-Star! Your profile is 27x more likely to be found in recruiter searches.” 
I would have no hesitation in recommending Claudia – I’m so very glad I found her!
Michelle Dyer

Global Brand Strategist, Accor Hotels

We worked with Claudia for a corporate press release for one of our clients.

Claudia interviewed the client directly and gathered all the critical information to write a compelling and informative press release.

The process was easy and both the client and I were impressed with Claudia’s communication and responsiveness.

We required very minimal changes as the first draft was excellent.

We will be working with Claudia on future projects and I would recommend her services to anyone seeking a friendly, professional and effective copywriter.” 

Dan Rowell

Director & Brand Strategist, DSR Branding

“Claudia and I have worked together on many different types of content. My latest project was a member profile which had to be succinct yet compelling to build trust and add credibility to my career as an author. In her usual friendly and understanding approach, Claudia produced a first draft which needed minimal editing and the profile was ready for publishing in no time. Claudia really does have an amazing way with words.

Apart from her sensational copywriting ability, I value her as a friend and someone I trust. I cannot recommend Claudia highly enough. Thanks for all your fabulous work, Claudia!”

Heidi Yi

Author, Heidi Yi Author

“Claudia has been my go-to copywriter for many projects over the past 12 months and she’s provided sensational content every single time.

She worked with me to create my branding identity, nailing my tone of voice. She has also written engaging copy for my coaching website, a workshop flyer and a couple of job ads.

Claudia always takes the time to understand my requirements and she’s easy to work with. She’s also a great communicator and meets every deadline, every time.

Really, if you want to work with a professional who’s friendly, efficient and reliable, Claudia is the copywriter for you.

Thanks for all your amazing content, Claudia!”

Danny Vorhauer

Entrepreneur and CEO, Assemco

“Look no further, Claudia is the copywriter of your dreams! She took a complicated project, made it simple and used her gift of words to articulate the message. Despite having no prior knowledge of the industry or task she jumped straight in and learnt what she needed to, to do an AMAZING job. I will continue to use Claudia for any and every writing job!”

Shira Schwartz

Marketing Consultant, SimilarWeb

“I was looking for an editor to sharpen up some copy for a sales page and email flow.

I appreciated that before we even spoke Claudia took the time to research my business. After chatting with her I really felt she understood what I was trying to achieve.

Her excellent, thoughtful suggestions and detailed eye gave me copy that delivers my message in a professional, friendly and polished voice.

I would recommend Claudia to any small business owner wanting to take their website or sales copy to the next level.

I look forward to working with her again.”

Norelle Hentschel

Naturopath, Your Remedy Naturopathy

“I highly recommend Claudia. Very professional, prompt & efficient with great communication. Extremely pleased with press release.”

Ally Irving

Owner, Alcedonia Laser Clinic

“Claudia has been great to work with.

I appreciate her proofreading skills and attention to detail.

Looking forward to generating more great content.”

Trudy McEnearney

Business Development & Marketing Manager, Royal Rehab

“Claudia is fantastic to work with.

She took all our feedback on board, and made the process of producing copy for our website an easy one.

We found her to be prompt, respectful of deadlines and generally very professional.”

Rachel Lucchini

Interior Designer , Lucchini Oprescu

“Claudia is fabulous. I chose Claudia because her website appealed to me. After having worked with Claudia, she is everything she promised, and more. The process Claudia uses really produces results.

I now have a new business brochure and website I’m proud of and, thanks to Claudia, reflect the exact image I was after. Claudia even went the extra mile and provided feedback on my advertisements.

I would not hesitate to recommend Claudia to anyone (except my competition). She is capable, confident and a pleasure to work with.”

Jane Calcraft

Director, JC Bookkeeping

“Claudia is a very professional content writer who created customer-focused content for my LinkedIn profile.

Working with her is easy and seamless. She makes sure she understands her client’s needs and works hand in hand to deliver top notch work.

She absorbs feedback and suggestions and then uses her skills to transform simple words into clear, to the point and powerful messages.”

Monika Gisler

Team Coach & Culture Change Specialist, ThinkChangeGrow

Having engaged the copywriting services of Claudia before, we again asked her to write several blogs for one of our clients in the automotive manufacturing industry.

Claudia was as efficient, reliable and professional as last time – delivering content that hit the brief in the first draft, on time and with minimal edits required.

She’s a pleasure to work with and we’d absolutely work with her again.”

Nicole Grego

Senior Account Manager, Barking Bird

“Claudia recently proofread a series of articles for me. I’ve worked with her before, and value her friendly and professional approach

She was efficient and her eye for detail ensured the copy was in top shape before sending to the client.

I look forward to working with Claudia again.”

Nina Silberscher

Copywriter, Weave with Words

“Claudia did a fantastic job! she is professional and flexible, provided good recommendations, communication was great and everything was delivered on time.

I will consider her again for future tasks and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a talented copywriter.”

Mario Villanueva

CEO, Ultimate Marketing

“Claudia wrote three blogs for my Great Ocean Road Business Directory, based on my ideas and research. 

We worked very well together and the result is three SEO-friendly articles incorporating my tone of voice.

I highly recommend Claudia as a copywriter as she’s reliable, efficient and great to work with.”

Anthea Tolan

Owner and Founder, Great Ocean Road Living

“Claudia delivered a quality product within a few hours and her work was top shelf.”

Ben Hamilton

Real Estate Agent, Ray White Perth

“From my initial enquiry, Claudia has been great to deal withI’m happy with the website coy which is an accurate reflection of what I do and who I am.

Claudia has articulated my key messages based on our phone conversation and the one-hour website consultation.

Highly recommended.”

Leyden Burdett

Founder and Director, Home Hunters

“Claudia was awesome. Followed a structured approach and got a really good handle on my business and copy needed. I would recommend her.

With 7 years outsourcing experience spending a lot, she is among the top 10% I’ve ever used!”

John MacKenzie

CEO, Roomgofer

“Claudia is someone you can rely on for amazing work. She has a way with words and I can’t thank her enough for all the great work she has delivered over the short time I have known her.

Great communication and very accurate work. It’s always a pleasure to work with Claudia.”

Kalesti Butler

Singer and Songwriter

“Claudia was recommended to me by another writer to proofread my website copy.

Her approach was clear, methodical and professional. She was helpful at each step of the review process, and I’d be happy to work with Claudia again.  

Nina Silberscher

Founder, Weave With Words

Claudia fulfilled a number of copywriting briefs for our small business. She produced a Tone of Voice Guide, brochure copy, website homepage copy and website product descriptions.

We were extremely happy with her service and final content. Great communication, fast turnaround, and quality writing.”

Rachael Zekanovic

Owner, PlayPack

“Thanks for your prompt and professional work, Claudia. You were on point and met the brief perfectly.

Jonathan Buhne

Director, PJB Fencing

“Claudia was amazing. Prompt in all her communication. Her writing was exemplary and I will definitely be requesting her services again. 

Thank you.”

Kate Grundy

Owner, Tea Towel Services

“Claudia hit the nail on the head first time and created an excellent piece of copy exactly to my brief. Thanks for getting it done so quickly!”

Brooke Hutson

Founder, Luminance Photography

Not only is Claudia an excellent copywriter, but she’s also a beautiful person who writes from the heart.

I needed a back cover copy blurb for my book with a tight deadline. Claudia immediately got in touch and four days later I was able to submit the perfect blurb to the publisher. Claudia was amazing.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Claudia as she has the expertise to produce great results, with compassion and patience.”

Marguerita J Rainbow

Author, The Incredibly Secret Balloon

“We have engaged Claudia’s services a couple of times now and have always found her an absolute pleasure to work withOur last project, to update our company history, was no exception.

She listens to our requirements and welcomes our feedback along the way.

We have more work coming up and we’ll be sure to call Claudia. Cannot recommend highly enough.”

Marinka Winton

Project Development Manager, Assemco

“What a professional superstar! Amazing communicator, warm and extremely friendly and most importantly… precision execution! Claudia went over and beyond what was expected with an exceptional outcome.

It’s hard to find good people, however, I did.

Thank you, Claudia, and look forward to working with you again.”

Tristan Robertson

Founder , Macronut Food

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