Professional Proofreading Service

Because first impressions count
Professional Proofreading

Protect your reputation

Remember the last time you spotted a spelling mistake in a professional document?

Shocking, right?

It makes you look unprofessional.

Worse, it has the potential to damage your reputation.

Investing in a proofreader is an investment in your business.

It’s recognising the power of the written word.

And gives you complete peace of mind.

Because first impressions count. 

“If you want extraordinary results, you must put in extraordinary effort.”

Cory Booker

Australian proofreading service for perfection

You’re a good writer who knows how to craft quality copy. 

You excel at spelling.

But… (you knew it was coming)

After reading your document countless times, you simply don’t spot any typos. 

You’re too close to your own work to see mistakes.

Even best-selling authors need a professional proofreader.

As a perfectionist proofreader, I go through your document to ensure we’ve dotted all the Is and crossed all the Ts.

My methodical and systematic approach ensures nothing gets missed.

I settle for nothing less than excellence. 

I’ve had the privilege of proofreading for big brands, small businesses and experienced copywriters.

What can a business proofreading service do for your brand?






Happy proofreading clients

“Claudia is my go-to person for proofreading. Though I offer this service myself, when I have my creative copywriting hat on, I’m too close to the work to pick up errors – and it’s not a good look! So I always send my copy to Claudia before sending it to a client. That way I can be sure it’s 100% error free.

She’s reliable, fastidious and a great communicator and I *totally* trust her to make me look good.”

Lisa Cropman

Editor, The Word Nest

“Claudia has helped with a number of recent projects, proofing and editing everything from podcast scripts, to sales pages, blog posts, to process manuals. 

She’s efficient, thorough and easy to deal with

What more could ask for? 

I super dooper recommend her to anyone looking for some serious copy backup.”

Kate Toon

Director, Kate Toon Copywriter

“Claudia has been great to work with. I appreciate her proofreading skills and attention to detail.

Looking forward to more great content!” 

Trudy McEnearney

Marketing Manager, Royal Rehab

“Claudia was fabulous and her editing and proofreading of my travel website was at a very high professional standard.

Claudia was great to communicate with and I highly recommend her services.”

Brenda Pomponio

Travel Writer, Our Family Travels

“Good first impressions… are good for business.”


Hi, I’m Claudia.

I’m a fastidious Aussie proofreader who has an amazing way with words.

Dotting the Is and crossing the Ts is what I do best to ensure your business makes a good first impression.

I work with large corporates, small businesses and not-for-profits to create sensational content.

Never settle for great content when sensational content is just around the corner.

Why pick me as your professional proofreader?


12+ years


Structured process



Quality content


People focus

Frequently Asked Questions

Proofreading Service Australia

Why do I need a professional proofreading service?

You’re too close to your own content to spot the mistakes. Working with a professional who’s been trained in proofreading is the best way to produce error-free copy.

I’ve been proofreading for 12+ years and have worked for clients in a variety of industries. 

Check out my About page or read my personal story of becoming a proofreader and copywriter.

How long does it take to get a document proofread?

Depends on the size of the document and the quality of writing. 

I will ask you to send me the content that needs proofreading so I give you a personalised quote. 

Check out my copywriting process.


How much are proofreading service rates?

My Australian proofreading rates start at $100 per hour. 

Whether you’re based in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or anywhere in Australia, I can provide you with professional proofreading for complete peace of mind. 

Check out my copywriting and proofreading rates.

Are you an editor and proofreader?

Yep, I’m an Australian editor and proofreader.

Head on over to my Professional Editing page to learn more about my editing service.

Or contact me for a quote.

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