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The Client

Deb Hopper is a paediatric occupational therapist with 20+ years’ experience working with kids who struggle with anxiety, sensory processing and learning difficulties. It’s her ambition to change the conversation around so-called ‘difficult kids’ and to bring back the joy of parenting.

She works with paediatric OTs, parents and educators to help them understand kids’ behaviour by developing hands-on strategies to empower families and transform kids’ lives so they can thrive.

Deb is truly passionate about her work and has a relentless drive to see lives changed for the better.

The Project

Deb’s website was due for a major overhaul as it didn’t accurately reflect the focus of her practice. Her target audience includes OTs, parents and educators but this wasn’t clear on her current website.

We worked together on three projects:

Once we’d developed Deb’s tone of voice including her USP, key messages and brand personality, it was an easy and enjoyable process to write engaging on-brand copy for her website.

The Result

Deb’s brand-new website is a colourful online presence, accessible to OTs, parents and educators. Her personality and energy shine through the web design and web copy. Visit her website and enjoy the many playful elements that set her apart from other OTs.

Deb Hopper

Paediatric Occupational Therapist, Life Skills 4 Kids

Tone of Voice guide

“Thank you, Claudia, for a wonderful job on developing my tone of voice for my business and in preparation for my new website.

I didn’t even know such a thing existed, and I’m so glad I invested in it. From a simple interview you were able to convey who I am, what I’m passionate about and interpret that to share with the world.



“Thank you, Claudia, for taking my old website copy and interpreting it to convey my passion and mission for supporting therapists, parents and educators to the world for my new website.

You have a real gift of understanding a total stranger from a simple interview and then you are able to craft your words to convey this to the world.”

LinkedIn profile

‘Claudia is an amazing copywriter and I’m so impressed with her level of professionalism and expertise.”

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