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The Client

Innovior is a technology consultancy, specialising in solving complex business problems by connecting the brilliance of human intelligence with the power of artificial intelligence. Innovior’s business consultants have a passion for innovative technology and work with companies in the following industries:

  • Energy & Engineering
  • Finance & Insurance
  • Manufacturing & Logistics
  • Health sector

Some of their clients include Telstra, Jetstar, Murray Goulburn and Australian Unity.

The Project

Innovior’s Director, Tim Ryan, approached me to create SEO-friendly, customer-focused copy for their new technology consultancy website. We’d worked together previously when Tim needed a B2B technology copywriter to craft compelling content for their first website.

The main goal was to write punchy, easy-to-understand copy without the jargon or clichés. As the business focus had changed, we first worked together to develop Innovior’s tone of voice. Through an in-depth branding consultation, I was able to nail the company’s USP, customer avatars as well as its branding personality and principles.

The next step was to write five pages of SEO-friendly web content while staying true to Innovior’s principles and brand personality.

Finally, I interviewed three of Innovior’s business consultants to write the content for five one-page case studies and 13 mini case studies, to be used on the website and for other marketing purposes.

The Result

Through a highly collaborative process, I developed Innovior’s Branding/Tone of Voice guide ensuring the consultancy’s key messages were well defined without using complex language.

As a result, the new website reflects Innovior’s three strengths:

  • Transform customer journey
  • Reduce cost and waste
  • Grow businesses
Tim Ryan

Director, Innovior

“We engaged Claudia to develop Innovior’s tone of voice and create SEO-friendly copy for our new website.

She did an excellent job of understanding our company’s values and personality, which resulted in customer-focussed, engaging content.

She also interviewed three business partners to write five case studies, effectively condensing or process and benefits while highlighting our core strengths.

Claudia is a talented copywriter who takes the time to get to know your business and whose words transform any marketing collateral. 

I highly recommend her services to anyone wanting to work with a switched-on copywriter who excels at what she does.”


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