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Brochure & Flyer Copywriting

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Flyer Copywriting

Create a masterpiece

You’ve got the design sorted. Now to add the words. How do you capture your message in punchy, to-the-point copy?

A compelling sales brochure is a powerful marketing tool, yet the potential of flyer, leaflet or brochure copywriting is underestimated.

Who can take your key marketing messages and communicate them persuasively to your target audience?

You need a professional brochure copywriter.

Every word counts: less is more.

The power of brochure copywriting

Have you been struggling to write informative yet engaging copy for your brochure or flyer? Wondering how to appeal to your ideal customer?

Trust me, you’re not the only one.

Designing an effective brochure requires an in-depth understanding of your business and brand along with carefully crafted copy. Each word is carefully chosen for maximum impact.

I’ll ensure your stunning design and customer-focused content blend together seamlessly to create a masterpiece that engages, compels and sells.

What can professional flyer copywriting do for your business?

Compel customers to act


Strengthen your brand

Increase business sales

express your tone of voice

Reviews from happy clients

“I came across Claudia as she was the first search result in Google when I was searching for a flyer copywriter, and then chose her based on her many testimonials and reasonable pricing. 

Claudia wrote the copy for a flyer I’m creating to advertise my label review service to skincare brand owners. I had an idea of what I wanted to say, but didn’t know how to best word it. 

Claudia helped craft the right amount of compelling sales copy I needed. She really took the time to understand my business and the brief – I would happily recommend her to others.”

Jennifer Rudd

Founder, Skincare Business Foundations

“Claudia is fabulous. I chose Claudia because her website appealed to me. After having worked with Claudia, she is everything she promised, and more. The process Claudia uses really produces results.

I now have a new business brochure and website I’m proud of and, thanks to Claudia, reflect the exact image I was after. Claudia even went the extra mile and provided feedback on my advertisements.

I would not hesitate to recommend Claudia to anyone (except my competition). She is capable, confident and a pleasure to work with.”

Jane Calcraft

Director, JC Bookkeeping

“Claudia fulfilled a number of copywriting briefs for our small business.

She produced a Tone of Voice Guide, brochure copy, website homepage copy and website product descriptions. 

We’re extremely happy with her service and final content.

Great communication, fast turnaround and quality writing.”

Rachael Zekanovic

Owner, PlayPack

“Claudia has been my go-to copywriter for many projects over the past 12 months and she’s provided sensational content every single time. 

She worked with me to create my branding identity, nailing my tone of voice. She has also written engaging copy for my workshop flyer.

Really, if you want to work with a professional who’s friendly, efficient and reliable, Claudia is the copywriter for you.”

Danny Vorhauer

CEO, Assemco

Brochure and Flyer Packages

Hi, I’m Claudia.

I’m a marketing copywriter who has an amazing way with words.

With 10+ years of copywriting experience, I take your business ideas and transform them into sales copy that engages, compels and sells.

I work with large corporates, small businesses and not-for-profits to create sensational content.

Never settle for great content when sensational content is just around the corner.

Yep, I need punchy content

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