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The power of a professional editing service

Does your business copy reflect your brand values and principles?

Wondering if your key messages come across loud and clear?

Writing copy that’s easy to read and flows well is no easy task.

Ensuring your content is rich in vocabulary while staying true to your brand messaging isn’t for the fainthearted.

Your business has everything to gain from an Australian editing service.

Are you maximising the power of your corporate communications?

Or is it time to call in a professional business editor?

What can a professional editing service do for your business?

strengthen your reputation


build your brand

increase trust

Boost industry authority

“To write is human, to edit is divine.”

 Stephen King

Excellence is the standard

Compelling and engaging communication is essential.

Your business reputation depends on it.

Brand messages must be clear, concise and consistent.

I’ll ensure your copy delivers its powerful message and speaks to your target audience.

When you work with me, I’ll polish your copy by improving sentence structure, eliminating unnecessary words and checking for clarity as well as consistency.

Rest assured, I’ll go through your document with a fine tooth comb to achieve copy excellence

“We engaged Claudia to copy edit the Robert Walters ANZ Salary Survey we produce for our clients. She took the time to fully understand the brand and tone of voice, and her edits and suggestions really reflected this understanding. 

Claudia’s process was seamless and thorough, and I will definitely use her services again.”

Erin Simmons

Senior Marketing Manager, Robert Walters

Hi, I’m Claudia.

Wanna know my secret?

I’m no regular editor.

In fact, I’m a perfectionist Aussie editor.

With more than a decade of experience, I’m a master wordsmith who places carefully chosen words in exactly the right place.

I work with large corporates, small businesses and not-for-profits to deliver professionally edited content.

Never settle for great copy when sensational content is just around the corner.

Why pick me as your Australian editor?


12+ years


Fast turnaround



Quality content


People focus

“Claudia was engaged to edit and proofread the 170-page Health Maintenance Tool which had to meet government standards. We found her work to be efficient, well edited and she provided copy edits that added value and flow to the document. 

Claudia was a great asset to have working on this tool.”

Vanessa Gasiewski

Marketing Specialist, Royal Rehab

More reviews from happy editing clients

“I was looking for an editor to sharpen up some copy for a sales page and email flow. I appreciated that even before we spoke, Claudia took the time to research my business. After chatting with her, I really felt she understood what I was trying to achieve. 

Her excellent, thoughtful suggestions and detailed eye gave me copy that delivers my message in a professional, friendly and polished voice.

Norelle Hentschel

Naturopath, Your Remedy Naturopathy

“Claudia has helped with a number of recent projects, proofing and editing everything from podcast scripts, to sales pages, blog posts, to process manuals. 

She’s efficient, thorough and easy to deal with.

What more could ask for? I super dooper recommend her to anyone looking for some serious copy backup.”

Kate Toon

Director, Kate Toon Copywriter

“The first draft is black and white. Editing gives the content colour.”

Emma Hill

Frequently Asked Questions

Professional Editing Service

Why do I need a professional editor?

Great question!

No matter how excellent your writing is, after you’ve read your own copy countless times you simply don’t spot the mistakes. You’re too close to remain objective.

I use my editing skills to go through your copy with a fine toothcomb ensuring your structure makes sense, the copy flows well, and we cross all the Ts and dot all the Is.

Want to know more about me? Check out my About page or read my personal story of becoming a copywriter.

How long does it take for you to edit my copy?

It depends on the size of the document and the quality of writing.

I’ll always ask you to first send me the content that needs editing so I can give you a personalised quote and give you a timeline.

Check out my copywriting process or contact me.


How much does an editing service cost?

I charge $125 per hour for professional editing.

Editing rates vary in Australia but top-quality editing isn’t cheap as it’s a specialised skill.

Check out my copywriting rates.

Do you also offer a thesis editing service?

I certainly do.

I’ve worked with several PhD candidates to edit and proofread their thesis.

Contact me for a quote.

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