Hi, I’m Claudia, a friendly freelance copywriter in Australia

Copywriter Australia - Claudia Bouma

I’m an Aussie copywriter in heart and soul

Want to work with an Australian content writer who loves words? 

As a master wordsmith, I take your ideas and transform them into customer-focused copy.  

No jargon. Or double Dutch. (Yep, I’m originally Dutch and I love double salted liquorice.)

Let me loose on your copy to turn it into content that engages, compels and sells.

Get in touch if I’m the Aussie copywriter for you.


I was born to write

Writing is in my blood. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Words really do make my world go round.

An idealist at heart, I believe words have the power to impact and change people’s lives. 

As a professional copywriter in Australia, I love working with you to understand your brand, develop your tone of voice and write sensational copy that gets you noticed.

You’ve poured your heart and soul into your business, so let’s make it shine.

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You believe in your business. So do I.
Imagine what we can achieve together.

We’ll be a great fit if you

Think outside the box

Are a team player

Want to change lives


Get straight to the point

Australian Copywriter Claudia Bouma

The serious stuff

  • Graduate of the Recipe for SEO Success eCourse
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Counselling
  • Certificate in Comprehensive Writing
  • Certificate in Editing & Proofreading
  • 10+ years of copywriting experience
  • Published children’s author
  • Published travel writer

I specialise in writing compelling copy for

Allied Health





Still reading? I’m flattered

Let’s get more personal

I live in a small country town in south-west Victoria, Australia, surrounded by paddocks and dairy cows.

The iconic Great Ocean Road’s a hop and a step away from my Word Headquarters.

I’ve never been content to follow the crowd because life’s too short to play it safe.

I’ve lived in 6 countries and visited 16. 

Hubby and four kids love adventure as much as I do after our 2-year trip around Oz in an off-road camper trailer.

I started out as a travel writer for 4×4 Australia and Caravan World.

I’m a study junkie who’s always learning something new.

I have a never-ending curiosity to hear people’s stories. I’d love to know yours.

Best copywriter in Australia - Claudia Bouma

3 things you didn’t know about me

Adventure seeker

People said we were crazy.

Hitting the road in a 4WD & off-road camper trailer with three preschoolers in tow. We explored this amazing country called Australia for two years.

Sure, it was challenging but it changed our lives forever. This crazy decision kickstarted my dream career: copywriting.

Think outside the box

When we finally settled down in country Victoria, people thought we’d live a ‘normal’ life – who defines normal anyway?

Imagine the shock when we announced we’d homeschool our four kids. Travelling simply became part of our education and keeps life exciting.

We love the flexibility and freedom that come with the lifestyle.


Yep, I speak four languages. Well, five really. Aussie slang counts, right?

Okay, to be honest, my German is a little rusty. But my French and Dutch do all right.

I took one year of Russian, just to challenge myself. Had a go at Spanish and learned the basics of Italian. Oh, and my four kids are bilingual.

It’s a roundabout way of saying your copy is in good hands.

What’s it like to work with me


Clear, regular communication is the key to business success. If you decide to work with me, I’ll keep you in the loop.


Writing sensational copy requires teamwork. So, if you’re eager to share your business ideas, hopes and dreams then I can get to work. 


Be yourself. In the big world of business we often feel we have to be someone we’re not. Be genuine and enjoy building your business.


We all come from different backgrounds, cultures and have unique stories. I’d love to hear yours – it’s a way to show you respect.

Want sensational Aussie copy?

Too right I do